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Apollo Privacy Policy

Apollo and its developer take your privacy very seriously. Apollo does not sell or rent your data, and anonymous information is only collected to help make the app better. If you want a privacy-first app for Reddit, Apollo is a very safe bet.

When signing into Apollo, it requests specific permissions from your Reddit account, such as the ability to upvote. This is very simply because in order for Apollo to do anything — something as simple as upvoting a link when you tap the upvote button — Reddit (rightly) requests that you give the client the ability to do these things. Apollo never performs any actions without you clearly requesting it to (such as by tapping a button). This is very simply required in order for the app to function whatsoever.

Apollo (obviously) uses the Reddit API to function, therefore Reddit is able to see requests made and use that information (such as, as with all Internet requests, your IP address, and if you sign in to Reddit within Apollo, your account ID, for instance) as they see fit (for advertising or something of the like, as an example). By using Apollo, you're (obviously) subject to Reddit's Privacy Policy as well as any other services/websites you visit/encounter/use within the app.

For analytics, Apolol uses TelemetryDeck, a privacy-first, lightweight analytics solution that prides itself on being anonymous. The info collected here helps me make development decisions for Apollo, for instance by knowing which percent of people use dark mode versuse light mode, if a feature is being used a lot, that kinda thing.

For push notifications, your OAuth token is synced between Apollo (the app) as well as the server in order to function. The server stores the token, the date (only) of the most recent item (so it knows not to send anything from that point or earlier), as well as the details Apple provides for the subscription. Nothing creepy; nothing stored more than absolutely needed. Removing is simple, if you remove your account from the app it will be erased from the server or if you delete the app it will remove your information upon the next time it tries to send a notification (the earliest it will know you deleted it).

Apollo also uses the YouTube API Services in order to provide functionality such as loading thumbnails for YouTube videos. As such use of YouTube (and other Google services) are covered by the Google Privacy Policy. Apollo does not collect or store YouTube data and user information, nor does Apollo permit you to sign into YouTube, so there's no YouTube user account information to be accessed.