Apollo Ultra Frequently Asked Questions and Info

Wait, why does it cost money? I already paid for Pro!

Apollo Pro unlocks extra features and is a one-time fee, but Apollo Ultra includes a notification server that has ongoing monthly costs to me (the developer) to rent and maintain that add up and can't really be covered by the fee associated with Pro (especially when trying to keep Pro affordable at a few bucks). I'd love to give it away as part of Apollo Pro, but I don't want to potentially jeopardize the future of Apollo. As a result I also tried to keep the price very reasonable at under a dollar a month.

So what are the prices?

For Apollo Ultra you can either pay 99 cents for 1 month at a time, or $10 for a year, or for a limited time $25 for a lifetime unlock.

So I bet Apollo is going to hide everything behind subscriptions now, huh? I'm onto you, fella!

No, I promise you that's not the case. As mentioned the server itself is a subscription to me, I have to pay monthly to rent/maintain it, so that's why there's an associated subscription in the app.

Do I have to do monthly? Any other options here?

I wanted to make it flexible so there's an annual option, as well as a lifetime option if you're really not into subscriptions (which is fair). Both of those options are slightly cheaper than month-to-month as well!

Free trial?

For the sake of simplicity no not currently. It's something I might explore in the future but for now I tried to keep the price very low so it's not too much of a purchase to make or anything.

How come I don't pay for these kind of notifications in other apps?

Most of the apps people use on a day-to-day basis (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Skype, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc.) are all owned by literally billion dollar companies, where they can give this away without it being really even noticeable given their size. And that's fine/great for them! Heck, I wish I was in that situation! But I'm a one-guy-shop working on Apollo out of my apartment at a desk behind my couch, I can't afford to just absorb server costs. I'm really trying to build Apollo in a sustainable way that will allow it to grow and flourish and have a healthy future, silly financial decisions are a great way to get the lights turned off in a hurry, as I'm sure you've unfortunately seen with other small developers.

How many accounts/devices does this work with?

There's no limit (but please be reasonable). If you have a main account and five alternate accounts, and an iPhone and two iPads, you can get notifications for all of those accounts on all of those devices for the same fee.

Can I cancel at any time?


Do I have to talk to anyone to cancel, like phone or email (ugh)?

No, it's completely automated, you just tap a few buttons.

I'm already subscribed on one device, how do I get it on another device?

Open Apollo Ultra settings in Apollo and select "Restore" in the top right.

If I unlock Ultra do I get the features in Pro or do I have to buy that too?

No, Ultra includes all the features of Pro as well.

Can I go from monthly/yearly to Lifetime?

Yes, in Settings > Apollo Ultra, just make sure you cancel your existing subscription afterward so it doesn't keep renewing now that you have a lifetime unlock.

What happens if I'm monthly and go to lifetime after awhile? Do I get those months refunded?

There's unfortunately no capability for developers to do this, so any period prior to buying lifetime is separate, and you should cancel the subscription once enabling lifetime (also not available to do automatically for developers, but the app will ask you to).

I'm getting an issue/error when unlocking Ultra!

Let's fix that! https://apolloapp.io/purchase-error

What are your cats' names?

One is named Hugo (orange cat) and one is named Ruby (black cat). They're nice kitties and your support is what feeds them. :P I love dogs (and fish and turtles) too I just don't have one at the moment but people in my apartment do and I always give them pets.

I have feedback about notifications/features added to notifications that I'd like to see!

Awesome, I'd genuinely love to hear it! Please post it in the ApolloApp subreddit!

Was there a Reddit discussion thread about how you wanted to handle notifications or anything?

I really try to be open with the community and have discussions about my plans, and this was no different. I made an announcement thread in the Apollo app subreddit (r/ApolloApp) about this topic that I left stickied for months to garner feedback. It received a ton of feedback, and the community seemed very receptive to the ideas (and I made a lot of amendments based on their feedback too), so I really hope you can understand this is something I wanted to do right.

What about a video?

Here's a short video showing the features of Apollo Ultra: https://vimeo.com/297431875, and here's a video way back around iPhone OS 3 of Scott Forstall announcing notifications for iPhones, which effectively explains how it works! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3fMDdmcsaU